Grid Miner Announcement

Created by James Peret in 9/15/2021 00:09

This has been a tough year with everything thats going on here in Brazil, but still we managed to get work done. There were a few ideas we started in the beginning of the year that were abandoned, until we found the right one to continue.

We started a top-down stealth game based on the Max Raider character system, but I ended up spending months working on the game systems and almost nothing on the game. Then we started working on a new version of ZeroSpace using Ink, so we could focus on the story. The idea required a lot of work and the game didn’t go very far.

Next I started working on a Grid Building system, based on Code Monkey’s excellent tutorial. Then I added a bunch of features of our own like connectors and created grid lines to show the game board.

Ben had the idea for a space puzzle game where you push asteroids around into machines to gather resources based on the little builder prototype.

We continued working on the idea, I developed some more, Ben created the space station pieces and then the Grid Miner prototype was built. It was simple but there was something in it. It was fun and hard to connect the space station parts together.